Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction, Inc. is an open shop civil, mechanical, structural, and general contractor serving the manufacturing, agricultural, process and power industries. We specialize in the following areas:

Process and Utility Piping

Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction employs skilled pipefitters and all welders are qualified to ASME Section IX boiler code. We install carbon steel, stainless, alloys, sanitary food & beverage tubing, HDPE, PVC, copper, fiberglass, C-900, RCP, lined and culvert pipe.

Concrete Work

Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction employs skilled carpenters and cement masons. We specialize in complicated structural concrete foundations, sumps, walls and flatwork. We manufacture our own embeds.

Structural Steel and Seismic Bracing

Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction installs carbon, aluminum, and stainless steel. We fabricate and install seismic bracing, platforms, catwalks, handrails, pipe supports, equipment guards and bollards. All our structural welders are certified to AWS D1.1.

Equipment Setting & Millwright Work

We install, replace and relocate pumps, conveyors, material handlers, tanks, agitators, boilers, condensers, exchangers, you name it – we’ll do it.

Design Build Turn-key Projects

Eliminate the costs, delays and inconvenience of coordinating engineers, project managers, purchasing departments, general contractors and subcontractors by doing your project design build, turn-key. Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction has it all from conceptual design and budget estimates to final completion.

Plant Maintenance

Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction can provide skilled and unskilled labor at reasonable rates to perform daily maintenance activities giving you a cost saving alternative.


Our first priority, as well as yours. All Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction employees are safety trained and our projects receive safety audits performed by an independent auditor.

Shutdown Work

We can perform repairs, replacements, upgrades and new construction around the clock while all or part of your facility is shutdown.

Supplemental Manpower Includes

Plant operators, Supervisors, ASME Qualified Welders, Millwrights, Concrete Masons, Carpenters, Mechanics, Equipment Operators and Laborers.

Other Services

Construction services and supplemental manpower can be offered as lump sum, time and material or negotiated pricing.

We hope we have the opportunity to meet your construction and manpower needs and look forward to inclusion in your future.