Mission Statement

Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction has been committed for over thirty years to providing construction services to business representatives, owners, and individuals, in an effort to best fit their unique construction needs. We are committed to understanding every client’s individual need and combining it with years of experience to assure expectations are not only met but exceeded. With a commitment to communication, and building strong working relationships, we can guarantee your desired results are accomplished.


Keys to Success

  • Respond to ALL customer's needs

  • Supply effective management and communication

  • Ensure Complete satisfaction

  • Appreciation of customers, employees, and your business

  • Providing a safe, progressive workplace and a future for all employees


Sonnikson and Stordahl Construction is a General Contractor with capabilities ranging from small repair and upgrade projects, to building complete refinery units from the ground up. Performing all civil, structural, process piping, mechanical, and management services in house has allowed us to perform a wide range of projects while minimizing costs and maximizimg quality. We believe the most important component to any project is an excellent working relationship with customers as well as a high level of communication to make sure their specific needs are understood and fulfilled.